• Find your poker leaks with our poker analysis software in minutes
  • Average of 10-25 significant leaks found
  • Scoring algorithm that analyzes and weighs the significance of your leaks
  • Discover your leaks by every position at the table
  • Correct your leaks by watching tutorial videos and read modules
  • Over 50 Advanced filters included (50+ videos on leaks)
  • Works with your Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker database
Who Loves Leak Buster
Leak Buster poker software is a tremendous value, whether you're a recreational player who wants to get better or an experienced player looking to reach for that extra EV.

Josh Potkins (Deuces cracked pro)
Leak Buster Limit is the best thing since maple syrup!

CardRunners Pro Bryce Paradis
Overall, Leak Buster comes highly recommended and considering the price, seems like a fantastic investment in your poker game.


How would you like to quickly and easily uncover your most costly poker leaks in seconds?

Leak Buster STANDARD VERSION will connect to your poker database, and instantly display your most costly leaks based on a unique scoring algorithm. Leak Buster poker training software then provides advice, and feedback for correcting those leaks through the use of instructional videos and written modules.

No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha editions work for 50NL and below only. Limit edition works for $0.5/ $1 and below only.


Are you ready to plug your leaks, and perfect your poker game?

With Leak Buster PRO VERSION you can take your game to the next level. All of the benefits of the standard version PLUS a unique scoring algorithm that adjusts based on the stake level you currently play.

PRO VERSION for the Pot Limit Omaha, Limit and No Limit edition, is for all stake levels of Full ring and 6-max cash games.


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Leak Buster is a high-end, and continually improved upon poker software tool, that will quickly point out your poker leaks and give you an arsenal of training content to help you with resolving them. It will provide you with a poker database analysis that is at par with what a professional poker coach would provide, for a fraction of the price. All statistical analysis remains relevant to the current online poker games, and is based off of hundreds of millions of current hand histories.

In addition to the database analysis, the Leak Buster poker software will also provide you with high quality poker training videos, modules, and advice to guide towards fixing your costly poker leaks. The poker training content is continuously being updated and added to by professional long term winning poker players. 
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